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Shipping Address: 

BSC Career Fair

(Company Name)

756 Houston St. Kyle Field 

College Station, TX, 77843-1228

All outgoing shipping must be individually labeled (preprinted or have an account number as neither FedEx nor UPS take credit cards unless the

cardholder is present at pickup).


Make sure that your company name is somewhere on the shipping box in case of lost shipments. Please do not ship items prior to January 24, 2024.


Recruiters will find these materials at their booth once they arrive. 

In order to ship materials back: 

At the end of the fair, complete all shipping labels at your booth. Be sure to completely fill out your shipping labels, so that we can ensure it will be shipped to the correct address. Please note that we will not be providing the labels. If you need any supplies to repackage your materials, the BSC Office will have tape and scissors you may use.


To ensure everything is done correctly when leaving the fair, bring all your shipping to the exit and a BSC Career Fair Officer will assist you in checking that all your contents are properly packaged. Afterwards, they will place the shipping in the correct location.

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