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What are the registration fees to secure a booth at the Career Fair?

Please contact a Business Student Council representative by emailing us to inquire about pricing. 

Can companies attend multiple days of the Career Fair?

Companies may select the date they prefer to attend the fair, and are allowed to attend both days if desired.

Can companies request more than one booth?

To request a double booth, please email us, and we will manually register your company for any additional booths desired. Please do not register twice for one day if you wish to have double booths as multiple registrations can lead to confusion.

Is there a limit as to how many recruiters/representatives a company can bring?

The maximum amount of recruiters allowed at one booth is 6 - if 2 extra recruiter passes are purchased (4 come with the purchase of a booth). If a company wishes to bring more than 6 recruiters, an additional booth must be purchased. 

How can changes be made to a company's registration?

If a company wishes to change its registration at any point in time for any reason (i.e. error, updated information, etc.), please email us with a description of the changes and we will make those changes. 

What are the dimensions of the booth space, and what is provided?

Booths are 8 feet deep by 10 feet wide, and are furnished with a skirted table and two chairs. Each booth comes with 4 recruiter passes, WiFi, as well as other amenities. Electricity at the company's booth can be requested during the registration process. 

What if a company’s shipping is already located on the Texas A&M Campus because they attended another fair a few days before the BSC Career Fair?

Companies may ask the previous organization to deliver its materials to the BSC Office (WCBA 151) anytime prior to the fair. We will store all materials securely for companies until arrival at the fair. 

What if a company is attending another fair at Texas A&M after the BSC Career Fair?

Companies can leave their materials with a BSC Career Fair representative and we will deliver the shipping items to its destination

How can on-campus interviews or information sessions be scheduled?

Companies will need to contact the Texas A&M Career Center at 979-845-5139. Business Student Council is not involved with the logistics of the interviewing process, or setting up information sessions on campus. 


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