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If you have an additional question not featured on this page, please do not hesitate to contact us with any inquiries. We are always happy to help!

Where and when will the list of attending companies be published?

The link of companies attending will be updated weekly and can be found under the student information page.

What is the dress code for the Career Fair?

The recommended dress code is  Professional Dress. Examples of this can be found under the student information page

Who can attend the Career Fair?

The fair is open to students of all majors in any college at Texas A&M - College Station. Students from other Texas A&M affiliated schools will be allowed into the fair as well. For a full list, click here

Will there be companies in attendance that are looking to hire international students?

Yes. Please check the list of companies attending on our website here 2 weeks prior to the fair to see which majors and international 'status' companies are seeking.

What browsers work best with HireAggies?

Use Chrome or Firefox first. Safari is compatible. Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer are NOT compatible with HireAggies,

How do I find contact information from the Career Fair after the fair?

From the HireAggies homepage, select Events / Career Fairs / Past, and then select the career fair you're looking for. Select the employers tab then search for and select the company. Select View Full Profile. Select Contacts.

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