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Where and when will the list of attending companies be published?

The link of companies attending will be posted 2 weeks prior to the fair.

What is the dress code for the Career Fair?

The dress code is Business Professional. Examples of this can be found under the student information page. Students that arrive in inappropriate attire will be asked to change or not be allowed to enter the Career Fair area.

Who can attend the Career Fair?

The fair is open to students of all majors in any college at Texas A&M - College Station. Students from other Texas A&M affiliated schools will be allowed into the fair as well. For a full list, click here

Do students need to register to attend the Career Fair?

No, there is no registration required. 

What will students need to gain admission into the Career Fair?

Students will need to bring their student ID’s in order to gain admission into the fair. If the attendee is a former student, their old TAMU ID or Aggie Ring will suffice. If you remember your UIN, that may be used as well. 

Should I bring my own name tag?

Students are encouraged to bring their own name tags. However, name tags will be provided at student check-in at the fair. 

Will there be companies in attendance that are looking to hire international students?

Yes. Please check the list of companies attending on our website to see which majors and international 'status' companies are seeking.

How can I obtain my professional headshot picture that was taken?

Pictures taken at the career fair will be available about 2 weeks after the fair. Instructions on how to obtain these pictures can be found on this page.


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